Inua Mama’s Kitty is a Socioeconomic Welfare Transformation Program (SWTP) whose mission is geared towards achieving a sustainable livelihood in the household of women and children with disabilities. Developmental Disabilities are the least understood conditions that affect individuals from childhood during pregnancy, at delivery or after delivery, hence are often out of sight, out of mind and out of planning options in the communities around the World. Through our finding, these disability conditions come with compounded extra-costs as compared to other children without disabilities. Persons with Developmental Disabilities require 24 hour (regular) special care that involves; diaper usage, daily anticonvulsant medicine usage, regular special diet and weekly therapy services lifelong. Hence Sight of Relief Organization sited for a needed change on Children with Disabilities, and Caregivers anchored on Community Based Rehabilitation Matrix (CBR) to our program dubbed as “Inua Mama’s Kitty”. “Inua Mama’s Kitty” initiative demonstrates and implements change from “Donations Oriented (D.O)” to “Active Participatory Industrial Production (APIP)”. The initiative will assure the future of Persons with Disabilities specially women and children with disabilities and their families to have equal rights to access to services and opportunities as anyone else in society.

Inua Mama's Kitty Objectives

 Promote human dignity and access of children with disabilities to quality services on nutrition, health care, inclusive education and social care.

Promote Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and Gender Based Violence Victims’ access to justice and be recognized inherent to human dignity in all spheres of life before the law (the right to legal capacity on an equal basis with others).

Promote access to standard health care, including mental health care to Persons with Disabilities and Caregivers whom fall victims of HIV/AIDS as a result of Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV).

Increase access of Persons with Disabilities to education and training of high quality leading to significant improved learning outcomes.

Promote economic and social integration of Persons with Disabilities for employment opportunities and national development programms.